Adapts to different budgets, cultures and challenges.


Adapts to different budgets, cultures and challenges

Thinking and finding solutions for urban, architecture, design & arts across cultures as concrete documentation of the social, economic, and political dynamics of the groups they represent. No other artform more profoundly showcases how people of the world live, work, socialize, and play.

World Bank, United Nations, Build Academy, Airbnb, and GFDRR
Winner of

VIceDirector  /  Politecnico di Milano

PolisMaker: Reshaping the Way we live

-designing cities of the future-
expert with interdisciplinary skills able to promote and implement urban and environmental transformations functional to economic and social development, taking into account the expectations of citizens of quality of life, safer and livable cities.

25+ years experience

Worldwide experience

Work in area of urban design, small homes, hotel, retail, health, sport, interior yacht, commercial & residential, institutional, mobility and public space, making case to connect people with places through transit-oriented development and new pedestrianism.
Multiple international engagement in Bangladesh, Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, China, UK, Russia, Kuwait, Spain, El Salvador, Dubai, Chile, Canada, Nigeria, Paraguay, Iran, Uruguay, Azerbaijan, USA, Bahrain, Austria and others. These engagements are nourished with comprehensive and cross solutions, catalyzing various requirements of commitments with holistic approach that oversees economic and sustainable concept.

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