“leading next challenges in search for value”

Santiago Caprio

prof. dr. mas. arch.
architect, urban designer, scholar, educator and author, with a multidisciplinary training in Architecture, Built environment, Smart Cities, Design, Planning, Quality of Life, Heritage, Technology, Economics, Energy and Social Sciences

International Projects

Thailand, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Bangladesh, China, UK, Russia, Kuwait, Spain, Dubai, Chile, Canada, Iran, Uruguay, Azerbaijan, USA, Bahrain, Austria and others

Universitary Teaching

Politecnico di Milano (IT), University of Buenos Aires (AR), University of Palermo (AR), Prince of Songkla Thailand University (TH) and more

International Publications

books, chapters, essays, articles, and papers about Built environment, Smart Cities, Planning, Quality of Life, Heritage, Economics, Energy and Social Sciences

Awarded Designs

Recently have won the Resilient Homes Design Challenge hosted by Build Academy, World Bank Group, United Nations Habitat, Airbnb and GFDRR.

Santiago Caprio


"I worked with Santiago, finding a serious and capable partner. I think he has an extraordinary combination of both creativity and business management skills, a unique feature to work as CEO at AAPS - Art And Public Space."

Tommaso Pedone Videographer
Santiago Caprio


"Santiago is a qualified person and professional, able to work independently or with a team. His international experience in environmental, energy, economics and resources has proven his sustainable capability on various energy projects through his carrier. His unusual point of view and exceptional profile says everything."

Petros Fiakkas Manager at Petrolina Cyprus
Santiago Caprio


"Santiago is a driven professional dedicated to creativity, innovation and design excellence. He's a focused style-architect who takes seriously the role that design plays in whatever medium he is working, be it urban, architecture, arts, graphic, furniture or interior design. His crisp and collaborative professionalism make him an asset to any real estate development effort or design and construction project."

Dr. Eva Nanaki Transport & Energy Research Expert Greece
Santiago Caprio


"Santiago is a brilliant architect, honest and rigorous; it is also an accessible manager. Working with him was very rewarding technically."

Silas K. N'Soukpon PMP® | Entrepreneur & Managing Partner Zambia


"Santiago is an expert at a variety of skills including Architecture, Design, Planning, Quality of Life, Photography, Teaching, Technology, Economics and Social Sciences. Very detail oriented and is at the top of his game."

Molly Youngblood Product Expert, Technical SEO, Website Developer at GOOGLE


"Santiago has found the purpose of architecture in his works. To make a good looking concept which is usefull and pleasent for peolple who use it. His works are minimalistic with a big open spaces which give you a feeling of freedom, with a big white surfaces but the ambients are still not cold. They are still humanic and plesant for living. He doesn't make just a good concept which looks good just on the pictures. He is making a good minimalistic concepts which are still good for living. That is the point of good architecture,and he made it."

Dusan Najdanovic Visual Merchandiser at IKEA Group


"Santiago is an oustanding person, true and loyal as you can't find easily. Santiago live his job seriously and very passionate; he really drives trought his results. He is able to work great on its own and even he is at his best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. He has a very effective personal style, he seems to come straight out of the bygone era, with its elegant and courteous manner. Santiago is always looking for the best result, focusing on details needed by his partners and customers. He had an incredible native leaning for architecture and design. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Santiago, his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to any project he get involved. Santiago is a perfect merge between Architecture, Desing and art. Definitely a Leonardo 2000's era. "

Alessandro Emiliano Marletti Bertrand & Marley Founder


"Santiago Caprio is both a gifted conceptual thinker and a personable pragmatist, this is a rare combination of talents. He has a talent to observe and tackle situations by addressing them in a comfortable manor towards the common interest and different social actors. He is a great example of a creative, detailed oriented and trustful person and an inventive personality who makes large groups feel at ease. His personal approach and directness form a pleasant blend that helps to achieve results in urban settlements and political process."

Eva Ch. Bekiraki Executive Assistant/ Office Manager at Athens Financial Services P.C.


"Santiago is an honest, hardworking, precise, no second agenda, no conflicts, trustful and finds the Design&Arts solutions. His work is creative and out-of-the-box, focused on the Architectural target and always on time. He knows how to evaluate a problem, make a deep dive to understand it and define how to move forward, with a strong analytical base and strategic approach toward Luxury Goods. He has a strong background and passion for building Designs."

Anna Poulou International PR & Communication Manager at Maria Callas Gala & Awards Monaco


“Santiago is savvy-operator of marketing and business role to drive business. His insight drives business landscape and future accomplishment.”

Kohei Kurihara President of Tokyo Chapter at Government Blockchain Association


“Santiago is very creative person. Designing for Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano till homes and residence with his switzerland's design, became one of the rising talents. He tackled challenges with dedication, precision and with the utmost commitment to deliver outstanding results. Caprio handles tasks and marketing decisions professionally, and he is not one to compromise quality, he readily walks the extra mile for matters concerning Design, Real State and Luxury Goods.”

Pelina Tsimikli PLN Founder

Skills flexibility and cross expertise finds high-impact results

This way can switch and increase productivity and iIncreased flexibility and versatility toward higtest values, with intellectual capital, improving teams and individual efficiency.

Sustainable Architecture (+99) 211    |   Urban Design (+99) 306    |   Sustainable Design (+99) 219    |   Urban marketing (76)    |   Renewable energy research (76)    |   Quality of Urban Living (75)    |   Urban Sociology (71)    |   Sustainability (+99) 272    |   Green Logistics (70)    |   Multidisciplinary capabilities (71)    |   International Environmental Law (70)    |   Sustainable effectiveness (74)    |   Environmental Sociology (76)    |   Environmental Ethics (75)    |   Business Model Innovation (77)    |   Social value (76)    |   Urban Ecology (83)    |   Sustainable Business (85)    |   Urban Economics (90)    |   Participatory Design (91)    |   Assessment Tools (94)    |   Urban Studies (+99) 160    |   Land Use Planning (+99) 114

Industry Knowledge
Real Estate Economics (78)    |   Energy Management(78)    |   Luxury Goods(78)    |   Smart Grid (77)    |   Quality of Life (84)    |   Quality Management (86)    |   Designs (84)    |   Energy Efficiency (96)    |   Environmental Impact Assessment (+99) 103    |   Marketing (+99) 143    |   Project Management (+99) 141    |   Renewable Energy (+99) 131    |   Urban Planning (+99) 319    |   Architecture (+99) 181    |   Sustainability Management (83)    |   Development Projects (87)    |   Wellbeing (+99) 117

Interpersonal Skills
University Teaching (+99) 124    |   Arts Management (85)    |   Participatory Planning (70)    |   Program Coordination (82)

Other Skills
Environmental Psychology (71)    |   E-mobility (72)    |   Ecological psychology (72)    |   Environmental Law (74)    |   Entrepreneurship (+99) 112

Teamwork 0
Responsibility 0
Creativity 0
Problem-solving 0
Leadership 0
Effective communication 0
Openness 0
Adaptability 0
Critical thinking 0
Enthusiasm & Motivation 0